Monday 8 May 2017


Tree planting at Fairway High School in Kazo.
Environment means the surrounding of man i.e. wetlands, forests, lakes and rivers. Environment has a great contribution on the livelihood of man. However, in Uganda the environment is over strained due to human activities, for example the natural forests, wetlands and rivers hence has been encroached on by man in the disguise of development and looking for settlement, land for agriculture and construction of roads among others.

Attempts have been done to reverse the situation by both public and Government of Uganda a case in point is the concluded cleaning exercise done in Wakiso district, Kazo parish in different schools (Kazo mixed primary school, Fairway high school and Kazo Islamic primary school) under the theme Promoting Hygiene, Sanitation and Environmental Protection as the following stood out as key good practices in environmental management.

Sanitation and environmental protection is a key factor today in environmental management. This can be done through general cleaning exercises in the community, for example in schools that can involve waste and garbage collection, , toilets and urinals, tree planting to protect from extinct environment and environmental education. 

Coordination/joint effort among stakeholders i.e. community members, schools, organizations and others is very key in promoting environmental protection as it helps to build social responsibility amongst community members in realizing a common goal.

Sanitation and environmental protection is a challenge mostly in highly populated schools such as in UPE schools that have limited social responsibility. Authorities such as schools, locals and others should become more visible here to save the environment and promote sanitation. For example during a cleanup exercise in schools around Kazo Parish, as the Director of Fairway High school commended the youth of Kazo Youth Players Association (KYPA) for the work and effort they do in promoting hygiene, sanitation and environmental governance in the area.
Waste management and environmental education are critical in environmental governance and ensuring proper sanitation. Through sensitization, establishment of environmental clubs, tree planting, promoting good sanitation and proper waste management, we can ensure living in a clean and disease free environment from children. Technical guidance on environment protection and also providing IEC materials to schools during such activities will also lead to continuous spread of the information.

In a nutshell promoting good environmental governance and preserving the Ecosystem in schools, neibouring communities and the country at large will make a “CLEAN AND GREEN PERFECT SCENE.”