Thursday 20 June 2013

14th LDCF/SCCF Council pledges low below World Bank estimates for Adaptation costs

Washington DC, June 20, 2013The 14th LDCF/SCCF has again postponed hopes of LDCs to live better in a changing environment that contributed least to changing global climate. 

Section of Council members during the 14th LDCF/SCCF
Still the donor countries have pledged (Not even committed) far below the World bank estimates as presented by CSOs, 
“We are however concerned that overall allocation of funds to LDCF/SSCF is inadequate to meet the current adaptation needs. The World Bank estimates the cost between 2010 and 2050 of adapting to approximately 2°C warmer world by 2050 is in the range of $70 billion to $100 billion a year”, Robert Bakiika, RFP-East Africa.

This is coming continuous and systemic behavior and a sign of donor countries continuious non-commitment to climate change issues. Currently these pledges are far below the science of climate change.

Earlier during the 44th GEF Council, the GEF Scientific and Technological Advisory Panel (STAP) warned of future likely increase in global temperature as a result of anthropogenic activities.
It should be noted that GEF is a financial mechanism under the UNFCCC specifically for adaptation and technology transfer for LDCs and non-LDCs respectively.
A total of US$ 129 million has been pledged under the LDCF and US$ 69.1 million under SCCF shared as US$ 52.9 million for Adaptation and US$ 16. 2 million dollars For Technology transfer.

Among the pledges presented today, the usual big BOSS, USA made the outstanding pronouncement of US$ 25 million for LDCF and US$ 10 million for SCCF (yet to clarify whether it is for Adaptation or technology transfer).

The pledges stand as follows;
·         Switzerland additional 1 million Swiss franc in LDCF  with SCCF (750,000 in Adaptation & 500,000 technology transfer)
·         Germany: LDCF 50 million euro, SCCF 30 million to adaptation window
·         Sweden: 115 SCK million currency (LDCF), Finnish (LDCF but get back)
·         Norway: process of 22 million NOK (LDCF) 15 million NOK (SCCF (Adaptation)
·         Denmark considering contributing
·         Belgium: 12 m euro (LDCF) and SCCF 12 m euro under technology transfer

It should be noted that only this financial mechanism is more predictable and available for LDCs as far as adaptation work is concerned. The Adaptation Fund is unrealiable in a sense that it depends on the proceeds from the emission trading especially under CDM.

The voices of civil society under the GEF NGO Network seemed to have not been heard as per the statement.

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